In a row of two to the construction site 

On March 21th 2019, Fanzun and Rhiienergie have opened the doors to the construction site „Neubau Betriebsgebäude Rhiienergie“ for the kindergarten Tamins and provided all sorts of new impressions to the interested children and answered all their questions.


„Why is there a hole in the wall?“ „How much can the building crane lift?“ „What do the builders eat in their break?“ For once, Leta Steck, construction supervisor Fanzun, and Alois Hardegger, foreman Prader Mettler, had to answer other questions than usual. 20 kindergarten children from Tamins visited and examined carefully the construction site „Neubau Betriebsgebäude Rhiienergie“.They learned how to build a wall, what it needs for concrete, or how to draw water and electricity lines through the whole building. Interesting and amusing questions had been asked during the tour, which of course had been answered by the two experts with great pleasure. But when the crane hoisted its heavy load over the heads of the children, the questions were forgotten instantly. The construction machine had elicited an astonished „Oh“ from every little guest – at the latest when the crane driver allowed them to move the crane chain up and down by themselves.


The second favorite thing to do for the young construction workers was to help in the construction site. During the tour, they kept asking if they could hit a nail or clean something. Although the help would had been appreciated, it was – despite the too large helmets and safety vests – a bit dangerous for the children.



To thank for visiting the construction site, the kindergarten brought a delicious snack with sandwiches, apples and water, which the construction workers gladly accepted and consumed together with the children.


Fanzun and Rhiienergie are very happy about the great interest of the kindergarten children from Tamins and are looking forward to show the construction site to other kindergartens or school classes.


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