Per Sandven: «Can you do the same in the far north?»

On the outskirts of Oslo, a modern single-family house has been built, designed by Lugano-based architect Bruno Huber. As with other Swiss beacon projects before, builder Per Sandven relied on Fanzun’s energy concept and general planning.


It all started in 2008 with the restoration of a more than 250-year-old Walser-house in Serneus. Zurich-based investor Per Sandven planned a luxurious yet authentic retreat for city people there. For this he commissioned the architect Bruno Huber from Lugano to design it. For the implementation of the renovation and especially for a sustainable energy concept of the house, some of which was still originally bricked, he sought out a competent partner and finally found it in Fanzun. The result is a Walser-house that is completely original from the outside and the inside, but it surprises from the inside with state-of-the-art alpine luxury and does not make any losses in terms of energy efficiency. Sandven was thrilled and other beacon projects followed, such as the photovoltaic plant along the Muottas Muragl funicular in St. Moritz and the solar power plant in Felsberg.



Built in Switzerland, errected in Oslo

The project is a dapper single-family house in Oslo. Per Sandven set himself the goal of building a house in his homeland with an outstanding living and energetic quality. «Can you do what you did in Serneus, even in the far north?» Per Sandven asked Fanzun. After a comprehensive evaluation, the Fanzun-team was able to answer the question with a clear “yes”, and Künzli Holz from Davos was chosen as a partner for this project. The element design has turned out to be the most suitable variant. All components, with the exception of the floor plate, were manufactured in Switzerland and then transported to the construction site in Oslo. Completed in 2015, the house is set on the street with the sonorous name «Osterasbakken», in the distance you can see the well-known Olympic ski jump “Holmenkollbakken”.



Quality of living under Northern Lights

On the entrance floor is the garage, the spacious entrée, the HVAC-room as well as the laundry room. The open living and dining area including the kitchen covers around 60 square metres on the living floor and continues outside on two terraces. In the centre is a modern fireplace, which gives the house a cosy ambience. On the first floor, three bedrooms and four bathrooms finish the interior along the gallery. The façade appears simple and elegant with wood as a defining element. As with all Fanzun projects, special attention is paid to energy efficiency – the building meets state-of-the-art energy requirements in accordance with Swiss standards.


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