Holiday home, Brambrüesch

Starting situation and idea

Fanzun had built the client’s home several years ago and therefore became the obvious choice to renovate their holiday home built in the 70s. The owners wished to give the home a facelift and concurrently optimise energy use. A storage area was to be added.


The narrow balcony was extended on the south and west sides, and integrated with the building, giving rise to a spacious and concealed storage area underneath. The inner and outer spaces were connected via the terrace and garden without disrupting the neat overall appearance.


The house, part of a settlement, was to be lent an individual character. Furthermore, addition of a storage area was not to look like an annexe or an add-on. The challenge here was to merge the additional usage with that of the existing building.


Bauherr: Familie Erhart, Trimmis
Fertigstellung: 2014
Projektart: Gesamterneuerung
Projektverfasser: Fanzun AG
Baukosten: CHF 0,5 Mio
Leistungsumfang: Architektur, Projektierung, Gestaltung, Machbarkeitsstudie, Entwicklung, Bauphysik

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