Farkas Oberengadin Senior Citizens’ Care and Nursing Home, Samedan

Upper Engadin district decided to plan a new nursing home close to the hospital as a replacement for the Promulins senior citizens’ home. In 2010, project funds were released to conduct an architecture competition. At the conclusion of the competition, Fanzun AG was selected to represent the client for the project.

Starting situation and idea

The Promulins senior citizens’ and nursing home in Samedan did not meet present day needs and requirements. In 2010, project funds were released to conduct an architecture competition. The “Farkas” project was selected out of the 44 submitted entries. From the outset, cost considerations were the principal political topic in the context of the project.


A plinth integrating community facilities connects the new building and the hospital. All upper-floor rooms are south-facing and overlook the valley. Spaces spanning two floors link different living blocks. The vote on releasing loans was preceded by heated debate. Pros and cons were discussed at several meetings. The public rejected the project once in 2013.


The task was to implement the 2012 requirements drawn up by Graubünden canton for living units for senior citizens. The facility was to be connected to the hospital to tap synergies and reduce overheads. Cost-cutting considerations clashed with individual costs such as connection infrastructure, building on a slope, which were cited for political purposes.


Bauherr: Kreis Oberengadin, Samedan
Projektart: New structure
Projektverfasser: Bauman Roserens Architekten AG, Zürich
Baukosten: CHF 67 Mio
Leistungsumfang: Bauherrenvertretung

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