A day for young people’s professional future

„A warm welcome to the world of architects and engineers“, says partner and member of the Executive Board René Meier, welcoming the six pupils visiting our Chur office on National Future Day. The group of eleven and twelve-year-olds assembles punctually and with great expectations at half past eight on Thursday 9 November. For the pupils, the Future Day offers an opportunity to come into contact with various professions for the first time and to sound out their own interests. They start the day accordingly with curiosity and a great zest for action.



Designing buildings, managing building sites, digitalising plans

Before, however, the hands-on activities start, René Meier provides an overview of the work of a firm of architects and engineers and of the corporate history of Fanzun. After a tour of the premises and light refreshments, the design of a floor plan is on the agenda. Under the expert guidance of our architects Giovanna Gioia Brändli and Andrea Giger, the young designers can give free rein to their imagination, always of course taking the feasibility of their ideas into account. They also start the afternoon with much enthusiasm. The highlight is the inspection of a large-scale building site in Chur. Mathias Barth, member of the Executive Board and overall project manager, shows the younger generation all the activities that are done on a building site. Back in the office, the pupils can implement what they have learned in practice on the computer by drawing reinforcement plans under instruction from our draughtswoman Arisbel Felix Cruz.



The young architects and engineers make their way home with a host of new impressions. We look forward to perhaps seeing some of them again in the near future.

Fanzun AG

Architects · Engineers · Consultants: As a general planner with sites in Chur, Samedan, Scuol, Zurich and Berne, Fanzun AG has more than 50 years of experience in construction. The company’s portfolio comprises challenging projects in the areas of tourism, industry, infrastructure and residential construction. That this also includes some award-winning constructions is down to the integrated approach adopted by Fanzun. More than 80 generalists and specialists combine their knowledge and offer the entire range of construction and real estate services at a high level – from strategic planning and consulting to design to the energy concept and the construction management.


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