New building Boccia Club, Chur

By accepting the voting proposal „New zoning order on Obere Au“ on 4th March 2018, a first step was taken towards the expansion and reorganisation of the sports facilities Obere Au, Chur. With the expansion of the sports facilities, the involved renaturation and redirection of the Mühlbach and the construction of artificial turfs, the old clubhouse of the Bocciaclub Chur has to give way. The replacement building will become part of the new local recreational area and accompany the future promenaders on their way.


The replacement building consists of a filigree wood roofing with a wooden box underneath as a clubhouse and two boccia courts. In addition to the boccia infrastructure, a substation for the sport and event infrastructure of IBC will also be integrated.


The nearly 800m2 large roof will be equipped with a solar system, which is also financed and operated by the IBC. The solar system generates the required energy for the boccia building and 30 households. The new boccia building ­another plus energy house of Fanzun AG.


Fanzun AG

Architects · Engineers · Consultants: Fanzun has over 50 years of experience in the building industry as a general planner and committed partner with branches in Chur, Samedan, Scuol, Zurich, Bern and St. Gallen. You will find in our portfolio numerous high-profile projects in the tourism, commercial, infrastructure and residential sectors. Several of our buildings have won prizes, which is not surprising considering how we work: to achieve the best results in terms of budget, completion schedule and quality requirements in all cases. Because it is your ideas that we have the privilege to realise.



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