Isogips warehouse, Rhäzüns

Starting situation and idea

Isogips Nüssler GmbH needed new warehouse space in Rhäzüns for their gypsum business. A suitable site was available at the entrance to Rhäzüns in the course of zoning of building land. In addition to meeting own requirements, additional commercial sites were to be leased out.


Divided into two usage units, the warehouse has a simple right-angled layout. The canopy follows the site form and offers protection to the traffic area against bad weather for loading and unloading. The simple wooden truss is covered with polycarbonate sheets and is clearly visible from the outside.


The client wanted an economic storage and industrial shed which would on the one hand meet usage needs and offer the necessary flexibility and on the other, make an appealing visual presentation towards the cantonal road and the railway line. The construction perimeter was bounded by a construction line, cantonal and access roads and the railway line.


Developer: Isogips Nüssler GmbH, Bonaduz
Completion: 2013
Project type: New structure
Project author: Fanzun AG
Construction costs: CHF 2,4 Mil
Scope of services: Cost Planning, Bids & Tenders, Construction Supervision, Cost Control, Scheduling, Quality Assurance, Design, Commissioning, Project Management, General Planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Energy, Ecology, Guidance, Overall Supervision, Construction Management

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