Industrial yard of Testa Group, Scuol

Starting situation and idea

To the south of the railway station which marks the entry into the tourist town of Scuol, the municipality set up the Buorna commercial zone to attract companies. The companies Bezzola-Denoth and Foffa-Conrad acquired a plot with the objective of unifying all companies of the Testa Group under one roof.


The yard, staff areas and offices were unified within a single building so that the different usages do not interfere with each other. Two cubic structures were built: the first, a high-rise which provides access to the public areas and a second for the yard. The architecture quotes traditional elements as well as trades that the company represents.


The industrial yard was to be designed to store different kinds of construction materials and machines. In order to preserve the overall appearance of the town und still create a clean exterior, the building volume was to be calculated to obscure its depot character from the outside.


Developer: Bezzola Denoth AG, Scuol
Completion: 2016
Project type: New structure
Project author: Fanzun AG
Construction costs: CHF 11,0 Mil
Scope of services: Project Management, Area Development, Development, Design, Architecture, Structural Engineering, Acoustics, Energy

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