Three-fold yield for the photovoltaic system on the A13

The pioneering plant was put into operation in 1989 on the A13 near Domat/Ems as the world’s first photovoltaic system on a noise barrier. Due to the advanced age of the system, the operator Rhiienergie this year decided to replace it. „We have ascertained that today the total yield of our pioneering system is now only around 60 per cent. What’s more, the technology has advanced a great deal since and can now supply more households without requiring more space,“ says Christian Capaul, managing director at Rhiienergie AG. Rhiienergie commissioned the architects, engineers and consultants at Fanzun with the planning and management of the entire redevelopment.



Latest generation of photovoltaic systems

The existing photovoltaic modules were replaced and the area covered by them extended from 994 to 1331 square metres. It was possible to take over the sub-construction unchanged. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness were the decisive factors in the search for a solution. The new solar cells are twice as effective as those of the old system. On an area of 828 metres, they collect a total of 313,800 kWh of energy per year – three times as much as before. This equates to the annual electricity requirements of 92 households. The work was completed at the end of September.


Fanzun AG

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