Catrina Resort, Disentis

Starting situation and idea

The Catrina Resort under construction on the parking lot of the mountain railway is intended to stimulate growth of mountain railways and that of Disentis as a tourist destination. The resort will provide accommodation for tourists, services, space for commercial activities and a “village square” as an event arena.


In addition to accommodation in 141 resort apartments and in a 30-room hostel, the buildings will offer space for 2 restaurants, a sports shop, seminar areas, childcare, a spa area and a supermarket. 6 resort buildings will be grouped around the village square which will be used by the mountain railways as a ski-in/ski-out area and an event arena.


The resort lies amidst a heterogenous structure comprising the Acla da Fontauna hotel complex, the neighbouring sports hall, the valley station of the mountain railway and scattered residential buildings without any distinct design characteristics. The municipality aims to retain the village scale building structure.


Bauherr: Catrina Resort AG, Disentis
Fertigstellung: 2019
Projektart: New structure
Projektverfasser: Fanzun AG
Baukosten: CHF 55,0 Mio
Leistungsumfang: Ökologie, Energie, Akustik, Bauphysik, Bauingenieurwesen, Innenarchitektur, Architektur, Projektierung, Gestaltung, Arealentwicklung

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