Center Marcau, Ilanz

Starting situation and idea

Center Marcau lies in the railway station square of Ilanz. After an approval procedure lasting several years, a new building can finally be built in accordance with an approved neighbourhood plan. The quarter is bounded on all sides by roads and a parking lot for Swiss Post vehicles.


The new building will be erected in the form of a skeleton structure but the highly variegated use cases in the different floors will call for partly sophisticated supports. Use of prefabricated supports and flat ceilings will speed up construction. The two basement floors will be built in a construction pit and the anchored rear pile wall will be driven in.


With 2 basement parking decks, 2 shop floors and 3 residential floors, the new building places different demands on the structure. Making maximum use of the site involves securing the construction pit vertically, so that the groundwater level can be temporarily reduced by roughly 3m. Completion deadlines pose a major challenge for all involved parties.


Bauherr: Rhomberg Bau AG, Chur
Fertigstellung: 2019
Projektart: New structure
Projektverfasser: Rhomberg Bau AG, Chur
Baukosten: CHF 43 Mio
Leistungsumfang: Projektierung, Bauingenieurwesen, Akustik

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