Hotel Belvedere, Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Starting situation and idea

A Russian investor acquired a 43’000 m² site with a derelict hotel located overlooking the old town of Dubrovnik. The brief was to build one of the best luxury resorts in the Mediterranean. Product definition with respect to luxury amenities and zoning at the site were open.


The “recipe” lay in developing a product based on familiar but re-interpreted contents in the luxury segment. The product can be adapted to suit the seasons and the resulting changes in the profile of guests and their needs. The design was to integrate into the landscape and topography and at the same time create an aura of exclusivity seclusion and calm.


“What does it mean to say one of the best resorts in the Mediterranean?” The challenge was to answer this question and convince the investor with a concept proven to succeed commercially. The task involved managing an international project comprising the investor, future operator, planning team and various consultants.


Bauherr: private
Projektart: Rebuilding
Projektverfasser: Studio 3LHD, Zagreb (Croatia)
Baukosten: nicht publ.
Leistungsumfang: Bauherrenvertretung, Strategie, Terminplanung, Kostenplanung, Projektsteuerung, Gesamtleitung

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