OVAVERVA, St. Moritz

The old indoor swimming pool built in 1968 no longer met contemporary needs and was dismantled in 2010. Since the project size to rebuild it would have strained the buildings authority, the municipality decided to appoint an external project management company. Fanzun bid in the public tender and was awarded the contract.

Starting situation and idea

The public, sports associations and tourism service providers were surveyed to determine the spatial organisation and other parameters for a new, multi-functional indoor swimming pool and sports centre. A public architecture competition was held to select the team of general planners for project definition.


The principal task was to balance the economic factors to build, operate and run the facility. The spaces were planned for optimum operation and use. Tight organisation was key to implementing the project. The concept to meet all energy needs from renewable sources, was jointly worked out by the project team with policymakers and the private sector.


Planerisch wurden eine edle Architektur, eine gute Landschaftseinbettung sowie ein innovatives Energiekonzept gefordert. Organisatorisch sollte die externe PL Bauherr das Projekt wie eine interne Projektleitung führen. Dazu gehörten die Führung und Sicherstellung der Informationen der Exekutive, Legislative und Baukommission bis zum Ausschuss der Rechtsabteilung und der Public Relation.


Developer: Gemeinde St. Moritz
Completion: 2014
Project type: New structure
Project author: ARGE Bearth & Deplazes/Morger + Dettli
Construction costs: CHF 67 Mil
Scope of services: Project Management, Quality Assurance, Client Representation

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