Area development, Waldeck, Flims

Starting situation and idea

The developed area is located in a central location in Flims directly beneath Hotel Flims Waldhaus. It is based on a site plan which Fanzun drew up for the former sites of Hotel Waldeck and Hotel National. Premium residential apartments will be built on the slope with a restaurant facing Postplatz.


The prominent feature is the resolution of the total volume in four polygonal, walled buildings: a prominent 4-floor building, is followed by a composition of smaller buildings following the road. The topography is organically resolved by using a staggered base. The buildings use vernacular materials: stone, plaster and wood.


A decisive move was into integrate the ensemble into the sensitive visual profile of the town. It was necessary to develop residential forms which combine extremely high living quality with contemporary sustainability and to thematise the exterior space in every apartment.


Developer: Luan AG, Chur
Completion: 2015
Project type: Ersatzneubau
Project author: Fanzun AG
Construction costs: CHF 30,0 Mil
Scope of services: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Acoustics, Energy, Guidance, Project Management, Area Development, Strategy, Development, Feasibility Studies, Design

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