Entrance hall of Bogn Engiadina baths, Scuol

Starting situation and idea

A competition was announced for the renovation of the entrance area of the Bogn baths in Scuol, which were opened in the early 90s. The entrance area was to be the central access point for guests coming for the baths and therapeutic applications. The historic mineral water springs were to incorporated in the design.


Fanzun analysed the biggest common factor of the used materials as well as options for future renovations. The entrance area itself was reduced so that guests would see the information counters and at the same time take note of the mineral springs and water.


For Fanzun the focus was not as much the way in which the entrance area was to refurbish as the question of how the postmodern structure could be renovated in future. Past renovation works each spoke a different architectural idiom so Fanzun drew up the master plan as an unifying instrument.


Bauherr: Bogn Engiadina Scuol (BES) SA, Scuol
Fertigstellung: 2014
Projektart: Teilerneuerung
Projektverfasser: Fanzun AG
Baukosten: CHF 0,6 Mio
Leistungsumfang: Gesamtleitung, Projektsteuerung, Baumanagement, Kostenplanung, Offertwesen, Bauleitung, Kostenkontrolle, Terminplanung, Qualitätssicherung, Inbetriebnahme, Führung, Akustik, Entwicklung, Gestaltung, Projektierung, Architektur, Innenarchitektur, Strategie

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