Hotel La Val, Brigels

The hotel was built in 1982. The main building housed the catering infrastructure, a swimming pool and some rooms. Most of the rooms were in the annexe. The hotel was closed because it did not generate sufficient revenue. In the renewal project, Fanzun was consulted for a second opinion on costs and deadlines.

Starting situation and idea

Based on Fanzun’s review, the renewal project was shelved. Fanzun’s recommendation was to rework the project from scratch and rethink the organisational form.


Following the usage concept designed by Fanzun, operationally important aspects of the back-of-house zone were integrated as the key revenue generator. Plans to add a hotel lobby, a fireside smokers’ lounge and a spa area were included as profit-enhancing aspects. The interior design was selected in a competition and add the finishing touch to the product.


The project team had to be reassembled at short notice. A new concept was needed to demonstrate the profitability of the project, which lay in the combination of extension and rebuilding measures. After establishing commercial feasibility. An architecture competition was held to select the right partner who would implement the project at the earliest.


Bauherr: Brigels Gastro AG, Brigels
Fertigstellung: 2010
Projektart: Gesamterneuerung, Extension
Projektverfasser: GO INTERIORS GmbH, Zürich
Baukosten: CHF 15 Mio
Leistungsumfang: Wettbewerbsorganisation, Bauherrenvertretung, Strategie, Inbetriebnahme, Qualitätssicherung, Projektsteuerung, Gesamtleitung

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