Snow Bridge Camp I, Vals

Starting situation and idea

Built in the beginning of the 70s, the gallery built in a project by Christian Fanzun is located directly ahead of the entry into Vals village and protects the Valserstrasse against avalanches. The roughly 220m-long snow bridge is damaged in several places and needs to be repaired for its remaining lifetime of 50-60 years.


The chloride-contaminated concrete needs to be scraped off from the rear wall down to a height of 2m and SCC applied subsequently. Concrete was scraped off from the supports and the reinforcements replaced as necessary. The support foundations were connected to the rear wall with struts. The traffic flow was not disrupted at any time.


Designed as an asymmetric open tunnel, the snow bridge has four sections which are dimensioned according to the strains they must withstand. Deformation measurements indicated that the cross section would be crushed unless continuous elements are used between the struts and the rear wall. The repairs were to be executed without interrupting traffic.


Developer: Tiefbauamt Graubünden
Completion: 2011
Project type: Instandsetzung
Project author: Fanzun AG
Construction costs: CHF 3,2 Mil
Scope of services: Project Management, Civil Engineering

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