Malloth residential and commercial building, St. Moritz

Starting situation and idea

The property of Malloth Holzbau AG in St. Moritz Bad beinhaltete eine Mischnutzung mit Gewerbe- und Wohnflächen. When Malloth Holzbau AG decided to relocate their sawmill and focus on carpentry and interiors, the vacated commercial areas could be put to new use.


A showroom was built on the ground floor in the form of a simple structure with a large glazed frontage, which gives the showroom optimum light conditions and ideal visual presence in the high street. The building’s exterior gained in clarity and conviction after it was made simpler by eliminating superfluous elements.


Fanzun AG was appointed to plan the integration of new business spaces in the commercial building and make it energy-efficient. The heterogenous building structure and the industrial character of the property were to be enhanced by using a contemporary architectural idiom.


Developer: Malloth Holzbau AG, St. Moritz
Completion: 2012
Project type: Teilerneuerung
Project author: Fanzun AG
Construction costs: CHF 2,5 Mil
Scope of services: Energy, Ecology, Guidance, Overall Supervision, Construction Management, Cost Planning, Bids & Tenders, Construction Supervision, Cost Control, Scheduling, Development, Quality Assurance, Design, Commissioning, Project Management, General Planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

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