Carlton Hotel, St. Moritz

Starting situation and idea

Project proposals obtained from different sources to renovate Carlton Hotel failed to convince the client. Fanzun analysed the existing building and submitted a proposal which did not involve hollowing out the historic hotel complex.


The former north-facing rooms were converted into an accessway while the corridors were converted into entrance areas, bathrooms and dressing areas. This measure made the Carlton the only Hotel in town to have all rooms overlooking the valley. Without compromising on comfort, the expression and ambience were deliberately restored to what they were originally.


A full-scale renovation of a hotel complex from the early 20th century is itself a major challenge. Aside from renovating the existing building, a fully new wellness area was realised which is hidden away from the viewer in the valley-side terraces. Realisation took 18 months.


Developer: Tschuggen Hotel Group AG
Completion: 2007
Project type: Gesamterneuerung, Extension, Restoration
Project author: Fanzun AG
Construction costs: CHF 74 Mil
Scope of services: Design, Project Management, Guidance, Construction Management, General Planning, Development

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